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Baby carrier baby waist stool breathable multifunction

Baby carrier baby waist stool breathable multifunction

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Fabric: fabric cotton, lining polyester
Has a long back panel to protect your baby from the wind and the sun
The long back plate also protects the baby's spine

Scientific cushion design to prevent baby's O-legs

3 modèles de transport pour bébé de 0 à 48 mois

The size of the baby carrier is the same size, the width and tightness can be adjusted, the waist stool waist can be used by Baoma within 70-120cm (3 feet 3), the load is 50 pounds, suitable for babies 0-48 months, using imported cotton The fabric is made of cotton, which makes the baby more comfortable, skin-friendly, head protection, ergonomic design, beneficial for the baby's hip development, healthy and comfortable baby, easy and labor-saving for mother, waist stool and harness can be used separately, can be held horizontally, single shoulder Dual-use, universal for all seasons, fifteen kinds of recitation

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